Patient healthcare has changed dramatically. Diagnostics and therapeutics have taken giant leaps in the last several decades. Unfortunately the personal side of medical practice has changed, in many cases, for the worse. Health Insurance Companies encourage medical practitioners to reduce medical/surgical intervention where they can to save a dollar. This is done in the name of quality of care. Physicians may be penalized by hospitals and insurance companies for ordering too many therapeutic interventions, laboratory tests and procedures. America has been flooded with physicians whose training and experiences may not be up to par. As a result of these factors and many others medical mistakes are made, some of which have horrible outcomes. A forensic medical record reviewer can ferret out and define any perceived mistake, provide an explanation for that mistake and direct the patient who to contact for rectification of the problem. Mark Davis MD has reviewed thousands of medical records in his career and is available to review yours. Please contact Dr. Davis by email: or through his website for expedient attention to any question you have. Thanks. Mark Davis MD
Credentials: Retired Internal Medicine Physician fully cognizant of the legal
and medical systems who his available to help people uncover medical mistakes.

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