SPEX: Prepare Properly with a Review by Mark Davis MD

SPEX: Prepare Properly with a Review by Mark Davis MD

Forced to take the Special Purpose Examination (SPEX) by your state medical board, prepare yourself with someone knowledgeable in this exam, Mark Davis MD. Through interactions with a multitude of examinees Dr. Davis has a bank of current information which can help potential test candidates with their studies. Dr. Davis’ review encompasses question content and subject matter on current exams. SPEX is a complex exam consisting of 336 questions taken in sections over a one day time period. This exam’s fail rate is very high and state medical boards do not provide candidates with information helpful to pass this exam. In a sense the SPEX is designed to fail because the exam requires a bank of information not in a physician’s general readings or continuing education courses. Examinees have failed this exam, in some cases, 3 or more times. With an extraordinary cost both in time to prepare and test entry fee a SPEX an examinee should advantage him or herself with the latest information available. Most books on the market are outdated and should be purchased cautiously. Enable yourself with someone familiar with the mechanics of this exam, Dr. Mark Davis. To contact Dr. Davis;

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