SPEX is Revenge from Medical Boards for Lapsed Licenses


SPEX is revenge from Medical Boards for Lapsed Licenses




Special Purpose Examination (SPEX) is a test constructed in hell to punish physicians who were either forced from practice or allowed their licenses to lapse. Constructed by the politically active Federation of State Medical Boards, this test’s contents covers more than a dozen subjects. Federation officials claim general medical reading should allow one to sit for this test and pass, untrue. The failure rate is extremely high with many examinees taking this test two, three or more times. Medical Boards provide no insights or preparation to enable physicians to pass this strenuous examination. Literature provided by the Federation concerning SPEX is misleading and provides minimal help to the potential examinee. Books, pamphlets and test question material on the market are out of date, as most physician find out after their first failing grade. This is where a SPEX tutor/mentor is very helpful.




SPEX tutors/mentors can guide the potential examinee in their studies, both by reviewing question content and current test subject matter. Studying for this exam takes much effort and preparation time. With the help of a SPEX tutor/mentor, such as the author of this article, those efforts will move in the proper direction. Looking for help to prepare for this arduous exam please contact Dr. Mark Davis, MD who has helped many physicians in their quest to pass SPEX.




Dr. Davis can be reached at: platomd@gmail.com  Dr. Davis fee is charged out by the hour and well worth the expense, as expressed by SPEX examinees who utilized his services.


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