Maryland Board of Physicians on Trial

Maryland Board of Physicians on Trial

Trust for government entities has been on the slide for decades. In the case of the Maryland Board of Physicians it has hit rock bottom. The road to this abyss has not been easy for those on the end of this Administrative entity’s stick. Mercilessly the Board of Physicians (Board) has pounded physicians into the literal ground, in doing so these physicians’ entrails have been scattered far beyond borders of this very blue state. Mechanisms utilized by the Board to defame, exploit and denigrate physicians have become standardized and well known.

First the request through a subpoena arrives in the mail for medical records in your possession or an entity where you practice medicine/surgery. Once the records are shipped to the Board’s lawyer managed quality assurance department they are examined and ultimately perused by medical personnel. There should be no surprise to the physician under assault that the Board will not reveal who examined your medical charts. The reviewer could be a physician, physician’s assistance, paramedic, nurse, nurse practitioner or someone vaguely knowledgeable in the medical arts. In the event you are not in line for an emergency suspension the sequence of events occurs in the following order. After the Board’s review a letter is sent to the targeted individual. We found X, Y and Z wrong with your records and want your commentary. Now they have their claws in you. No matter how you respond to this letter you will be invited to a Clinical Correlation Conference a few months down the road. In all likelihood you will be lambasted because you dared to ask who reviewed your medically records initially and the superficiality of the review. Whatever the physician states could be used against him/her later and there will be later within a judicial setting.

Within 12 months, by law, a charging document has been compiled utilizing medical vigilantes. These are people who review for money who are not necessarily working in your “specific” field of endeavor. This is tantamount to a plumber being engaged to review the work of an air conditioner technician. Medical vigilantes work in conjunction with a lawyer assigned to the Board by the Attorney General’s Office. The charging document comes by courier and or certified mail. Within a day or two you have digest the document and find it inaccurate and maliciously written. After the emotion subsides you may turn to a $300 hour attorney for advice. They will soak you for every penny in your account. Next comes the administrative court. This court is corrupted by the Attorney General’s Office not the sitting judges there.

I realize there are gaps in the historical flow of this article. They will be addressed in an e-book which is in the preparation stages. All events describe here happened to the author. The Board took 3.5 years after the Clinical Correlation Conference to charge me. The Board is corrupt. Regulations written to protect physicians in the early stages of review are not utilized. Deadlines mean nothing to this crowd. Legislative oversight is nil to none. Have you ever heard of a medical board run by lawyers? Welcome to the Maryland Board of Physicians. More articles and other literature to come.

Mark Davis, MD

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